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With sunset Dub by Quarta 330 digitizing my eardrum i want to draw some chimpanzee’s in the Arctic, and a stubby. I love little stubby beers guaranteed value for money, easy to recycle they deserve a portrait, I feel very light headed, literally just cut my dreadlocks off. It feels good having the first haircut in five years I was struggling with the heat I had to do it, I love dreadlocks however the time was right and I fancy a change. Speaking of change what the hell is David Cameron doing attempting to appoint an American super cop as head commissioner of the Metropolitan police. I can accept advisory role but seriously I am happy that the job will go to someone born in the UK. As the problems we face in England with rioting go way way deeper than just gang and poverty related. We need someone who is going to look and observe how best to regain inner city community support for the police. I am all to weary that Cameron and his cronies will use the recent turmoil in the media and the rioting as excuses to gain more control over the public and population. Its scary because governments are becoming way more militarized and I can see bad things happening to good people becoming caught in the cross fire of harsh leadership, and a inherent lack of a stable future. For a young generation who are becoming, and are young adults what happens if we allow the only thing worth fighting for, the National Health Service and the ideal of the welfare state. To be changed in to a ghostly, privatized, nightmare of its self? It is a scary possibility for an increasing population one that i hope does not become all to real upon the 7th September.