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Roots Reggae Music has always been a music to be experienced live its never been anything but honest, and although its always had defining elements like the half beat or the ‘Skank’. Reggae continues to progress it changes with the times and remoulds things that it helped spawn (dubstep, dub) into a new social sound. And this sound is played through custom made sound systems that have their own character their own imagery furthermore throughout the ages there was always an International Sound, one that was recognised as the best. From Coxone to Jah Shaka there is nothing quite like experiencing the body moving bass! well just like in the past there is a reigning International Sound named Mungos Hi Fi. Created in honour of the founding father of Glasgow Scotland this trio and crew have toured the globe from america to asia and europe and australia. Their musicology is unique a hybrid of dubstep, rub-a-dub, roots, and electronic music, taking their combined love of the 80’s digital reggae explosion and that classic sound and combining it with the increase in bass weight. Has created  a truly awesome dancehall ruler one that is just unstoppable, their dubplate’s are simply monstrous. Get to see them if their visiting your Yard.