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“Hey, mister music, sure sounds good to me!

I cant refuse it: what to be got to be!

Feel like dancing, Dance cause we are free!

Feel like dancing, Dance come dance with me!”

– Robert Nesta Marley

The words of Stephen’s father ring clear to everyone who has ever had a listen to the Marley’s music. It is a form of music that unities and fully reaches the human soul, it feeds the soul whilst being a form of protest. Reggae gives the average person a voice in the international community and produces strictly positive results. For someone who has grown up in England and grew up going to local sound system dances I feel proud to say the music I enjoy the most is roots reggae.  Its message of righteousness and clean living will always be at its soul what the music is always about; people coming to dance their worries away to dance the night away. I feel its important to dance to music that reminds us that there exists an indifference to global poverty and issues that affect us all. Kofi Annan once said that a world where one person exists at the expense of another is unrealistic and i completely agree with that statement. I have recently stumbled across Stephen Marley’s new album Revelation Part 1: The Root of Life  which is awesome it really revisits the roots of reggae. The best songs being Jah Army and Break us Apart have the groove and the riddim is strictly send ing a positive message. A long side this we have the Italian reggae don Alborosie’s latest effort 2 Times Revolution which I have to say is not as good as his early albums but still i find it very impressive. This poducer moved from Italy , Sicily to Jamaica to capture the vibe, so he could make riddim’s that are full of roots. These two are both a testament to the music’s international grassroots status. I cant stress the importance of reggae to me and to humanity and generally; it will always serve as the voice of the oppressed for as long as we allow people in our governments and international institutions to continue to steal and divide humankind. Then reggae will continue to support the majority of men and women on this planet below are some photos of the major protagonists in Reggae throughout its history. I hope you like; also just as a quick side note stay tuned for a reggae inspired shirt and a clothing range in the next year or two. Enjoy