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A bank is something we all use to store our salary, our money, our earnings It serves as a life line in its absoluteĀ involvement in modern life. One should ponder this simple notion, we humans can contemplate and imagine the end of the world however when faced with the end of money. Our general reaction is never, it will never happen, or even worse it never could happen as we have become so intertwined with this value and exchange signifier. This entanglement affects the entire globe as generally our dependancy on money has reached a point where people are quick to accept that those in power are deserving of material wealth. That we are happy to believe that these people deserve large bonuses on top of existing salaries, I find hard to stomach. I hope that within my lifetime our relationship to material existence i.e our collective urge to have control or power over something or someone, even enforcing our dominance on natural life. Is understood and a degree of awareness is brought about, through learning about reality, what is real in our life’s. Rather than the world we have constructed and chosen to inhabit perhaps artists carry a degree of responsibility to show people these alternative perspectives, and to remind oneself that imagination and creativity can unlock those unseen experiences.