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Digital Mystikz consists of the music producers Coki, Mala, and Leofah who practically invented whats now known as the music Dub-step. They all grew up together listening to jungle mix tapes in their urbanised London setting, the three of them started trying to re create the sounds they heard on these early jungle riddims. The result was a sound entirely new to the underground music scene furthermore they did not stop with just creating some of the most ground breaking sound system music of their generation. They went on to release it on their own imprint and created an official dance which at its hight became somewhat of a religious spiritual gathering ( it was in a church). Their slogan Come meditate to Bassweight served as a moniker thats fitted their music perfectly, tracks like Anti-war Dub and Haunted created an atmosphere both physically and psychologically. The deep bass moving people like never before, I have always been a fan of the music style these guys created if you want an introduction I recommend downloading their essential mix and interview the best thats for free 

Kode 9 the enigmatic lecturer philosopher and unique electronic music producer is an unbelievably productive yet secretive individual. He brought the world Burial arguably the producer that helped to change the status of electronic music and its wider appeal. My personal favorite track is Find My Way, Its So meditative and hypnotic I just feel this sense of empowering energy, the groove really just inspires me to want to make my way in the world and achieve personal goals in a exciting creative manner. Anyway enough jibber jabba!

– an awesome interview with the man himself LINK