The human genome contains a staggering twenty two thousand separate genes which where first sequenced in 2000. Our genetic structure is comprised of over 3 Billion base pairs of genes that line up and come together forming the 22,000 genes that make up our being. Thats just 2% of the entire human genome which is in contrast to the other 98% which has been considered inactive and useless. Well recent research from The ENCODE project ( The Encyclopaedia of DNA Elements) has in the words of Time magazine been revealed as a ‘buzzing universe of bio chemical activity’. Scientists believe that this will allow us to understand the genetic basis of human disease this discovery has completely opened up gene based research to new possibilities. For example the non gene portion of the human genome is comprised of a highly active live wire that hosts 4 million constantly active switches or cross talking DNA. This has as mentioned before huge repercussions in the search for knowledge of the roots of disease I find this fascinating it could possibly provide a way of reverse engineering disease In the future medicine will be matched to the patient genetically, your ailment will be matched much more closely and with a greater accuracy and speed to the correct treatment. Just imagine the implications of this combined with the ideas floating around in the world of Nano technology such as the delivery of drugs to specific cells in the treatment of cancer and various types of tumours.DNA strang blue

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We are so sorry that we have been so lame in posting anything on here in such a long time that it seems like I have not been on here, in like, forever. So what have we been doing? One of us has got a traineeship in Italy whoop and will be moving there soon so thats exciting whilst I am creating new art and freelancing. So all in all very busy, speaking of art check out the new work below, let me know what you think? Its called Borghese Speculation, pencil on paper, 2012, and its part one of a triptich exploring the boundries between individualism and collectivism, Self and other. Furthermore it investigates recent social events within the media, i.e Murdoch’s Hacking scandal which brought up a quite nasty side to todays new’s industry. Below that is some music, Enjoy

Borghese Speculation, Pencil on Paper, Paul Harrison, 2012

Dancehall Hobby – Mr. Williamz by MAFFI

This monument to sculpture is extremely befitting as it not only provides a point of debate but puts forth a new aesthetic departure for one of the United Kingdoms foremost Artists. Anish Kapoor is one of the most well know artists of his generation he is completely fascinated with space to the extent that I can’t think of another creative who shares the same level of observation. His public sculptures are placed all over the globe and seem to be cherished by their local inhabitants.  When Orbit was chosen as the winning bid for the olympic location it had taken Kapoor and his partner the engineer Cecil Balmond. Months of critical debate and thinking to orchestrate the strength of argument  needed to persuade people that this asymmetrical aesthetic was worth being built. This humorously enough, is why this sculpture should have been built and in that vain I think the words of Kapoor run true when contemplating the slightly unique red monument.

‘I always will have a fascination with that archaic, elemental need to feel like an ant in an ant colony. To climb up the pyramids and just feel awe at man-made structures. That was the attraction of this for me.’

– Anish Kapoor