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We are so sorry that we have been so lame in posting anything on here in such a long time that it seems like I have not been on here, in like, forever. So what have we been doing? One of us has got a traineeship in Italy whoop and will be moving there soon so thats exciting whilst I am creating new art and freelancing. So all in all very busy, speaking of art check out the new work below, let me know what you think? Its called Borghese Speculation, pencil on paper, 2012, and its part one of a triptich exploring the boundries between individualism and collectivism, Self and other. Furthermore it investigates recent social events within the media, i.e Murdoch’s Hacking scandal which brought up a quite nasty side to todays new’s industry. Below that is some music, Enjoy

Borghese Speculation, Pencil on Paper, Paul Harrison, 2012

Dancehall Hobby – Mr. Williamz by MAFFI

Below is an image of a recent attempt at making art its not successful in its efforts however the ideas and notions even motion within this failed attempt is driving a relatively new creative outlook on my work. This image is a representation of a post modern idea called ‘Information Death’ and these artworks are attempting to interrogate that by manipulating the ability of digital material and its availability to the wider world. I am currently engaged in writing a short essay which will really support and anchor my art practice to these new ideas and this current direction.

I have been very lethargic after christmas I continue to eat way too much chocolate and sugary stuff makes me feel so sluggish. Well at least I made 100 hundred pounds I sold a watch I got for free to a Nigerian bloke so that’s good news I have finished an application for a job at the Royal Academy of art and have emailed one off for a promotions officer for Canned magazine Newcastle. On top of all that I have made lots of new art and have loads and loads of deadlines and things to be getting on with. And on top of that there is Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe in which after watching the programme I acquired the knowledge that light speed is 8000km per second and a lightyear is 1million 1million km and that the space which makes up the whole of reality existed at the time of the big bang it was there although a lot smaller. The things you can learn on television.