Art and nature for me come hand in hand, I view art making as a natural process in commune with the natural world even an extension of it. Creativity itself is an extension of our ability to interact with reality and material existence, most art through its materiality as Andy Goldsworthy describes ‘has this amazing ability to show you what’s there’. In other words it can serve as a route to a more conscious state, one that we all used to be in until we became urbanised and left nature behind us, as a separate entity. I would like to have a deeper connection to the natural world, and develop a more profound connection with material’s, like the artists Goldsworthy and Richard Long Below.

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We are so sorry that we have been so lame in posting anything on here in such a long time that it seems like I have not been on here, in like, forever. So what have we been doing? One of us has got a traineeship in Italy whoop and will be moving there soon so thats exciting whilst I am creating new art and freelancing. So all in all very busy, speaking of art check out the new work below, let me know what you think? Its called Borghese Speculation, pencil on paper, 2012, and its part one of a triptich exploring the boundries between individualism and collectivism, Self and other. Furthermore it investigates recent social events within the media, i.e Murdoch’s Hacking scandal which brought up a quite nasty side to todays new’s industry. Below that is some music, Enjoy

Borghese Speculation, Pencil on Paper, Paul Harrison, 2012

Dancehall Hobby – Mr. Williamz by MAFFI