I went to two new exhibitions yesterday!

One was a solo show at Site Gallery Sheffield by artist Jason Minsky, titled  Advantage  it explores chance and perceptions of sport and performance.   Jason works with humour and absurdity to observe the different choices we make to give us  a better chance. This manifests its self when as you walk into gallery one you see that your entrance is directed and controlled by these walls of logos and mirrors. Eventually you come to a space which in the corner you are confronted with a rock climbing wall only to realise that the rocks are logos and brands. Which have been altered and twisted to offer something truly unexpected from sporting wall paper. I have to say that for me room two, hosting the simple, elegant wire framed model animation, A Mover and a Shaker was at the time very mesmerising and captivating unlike the physical structures in room one. The thing that I liked about this was compared to the manipulation in the other room you where left with the basic motion. Their was something very geometric, even structural as if a computer was trying to tell you that this was the way to perform this was the way to do this dance. I enjoyed the human body being dissected down to a simpler system  it allowed for a deeper analysis of human motion.

The other exhibition is called British Modern Remade the premise of the show is conveniently in the title, being from the arts council collection this has many artists some very well known. I think this is a show that really says look this is our job we want you to know of your heritage both in terms of the history of modernism both architecture and art and how its still relevant. Being held at the recently renovated Park Hill Flats is something very special taking art and putting it in a location loaded with modernist history can only encourage a revisiting to older notions and what they mean in terms of the future.

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