arcelormittal orbit

This monument to sculpture is extremely befitting as it not only provides a point of debate but puts forth a new aesthetic departure for one of the United Kingdoms foremost Artists. Anish Kapoor is one of the most well know artists of his generation he is completely fascinated with space to the extent that I can’t think of another creative who shares the same level of observation. His public sculptures are placed all over the globe and seem to be cherished by their local inhabitants.  When Orbit was chosen as the winning bid for the olympic location it had taken Kapoor and his partner the engineer Cecil Balmond. Months of critical debate and thinking to orchestrate the strength of argument  needed to persuade people that this asymmetrical aesthetic was worth being built. This humorously enough, is why this sculpture should have been built and in that vain I think the words of Kapoor run true when contemplating the slightly unique red monument.

‘I always will have a fascination with that archaic, elemental need to feel like an ant in an ant colony. To climb up the pyramids and just feel awe at man-made structures. That was the attraction of this for me.’

– Anish Kapoor


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