George Orwell is a genius without a doubt he was very motivated and an incredibly imaginative writer that really put forth a nightmare of a futuristic Dystopian vision. In 1984, the main character Winston finds himself in a dystopian totalitarian regime that controls every individual with its propaganda and forces them into servitude for the greater good of the party. This book has content that is really relevant to the issues and tensions we are currently facing with regards to the public’s relationship to the state. And the states power over its people, what I find fascinating about this book is the party forces its control onto people by controlling individualism and free thinking. So much so that it’s actively engaged in changing history, language and truth. Replacing it with crimes and falsifications this for me bares remarkable resemblance to issues surrounding the welfare state and multinational news organisation’s. This book re-affirms the importance of human rights such as political action and the freedom of information its something that often gets overlooked and ignored but the news is controlled and manipulated and television is used to advertise a certain lifestyle of consumption a certain ideology. At all times we must be aware that to maintain independence is of the utmost importance and that there are in existence ideologies that would seek to keep the majority of us in poverty.

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