The Freedom Of Digital information & space

The internet is a marvel of the technological age a global web of networks upon networks each one containing billions of data and information. If one is able to view or comprehend the vast social and physical change this technology has had on our lives then an individual may adapt the viewpoint that the Internet could represent a different reality. A digital space or world; with social networking and role-playing games like world of warcraft we have this literal digital life or even freedom. A freedom to inhabit a different existence to learn freely, there is so much information on the world-wide web that it really is  a great tool for learning and the acquisition of knowledge. This for me is embodied in how the open source community has boomed, we now have entire operating systems that are built through the digital interactions of a global community. Most importantly the main notion behind open source is that its free to use and develop and this for me optimizes what the internet should allow to happen. Free communication free interaction, with this idea there has always been states and governments that have censored the internet however recently the hugely popular Wikipedia had a 24 hour strike in response to recent legalistic stupidity that has not even made it to Congress. This action clearly shows a need to worry about this because if their are people in the American Government attempting to censorship and control something that was designed to provide free exchange then the outcomes could be quite painful for creatives and people who rely on user upload sites to transport digital work. One thing I am looking forward to seeing is the reaction to efforts to control digital space by Hackers Anonymous. As they are capable of huge hactivist action and can disable any website on the web I believe we are at a stage where we will soon see the battle lines for the soul of digital space be drawn.

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