Five Steps To the Perfect Green Smoothie

This is quite frankly awesome will be making this soon!

Daily Health Boost

Today’s Inspiration:

“If there is one thing I absolutely love and can’t live without is must be green smoothies. I have one every day and it makes a huge difference in my overall health and energy level. All you need is a blender and some vegetables. Any blender will do but the better your blender, the better your smoothie will be. When you first start out making them you can use more fruit to get used to the taste but you don’t need much, don’t let the green color fool you! Also take a look at the wellness warrior website. It is by Jess, she is a super inspirational woman. A few years ago she was diagnosed with cancer and since she is living a very healthy lifestyle, her attitude towards life is very, very inspiring!”

Five Steps To the Perfect Green Smoothie Green Smoothie

If there was one piece…

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