Lisen Profile

Well I would like to talk about an exhibition that happened in the Millennium Gallery from Wednesday 2nd March to Monday 30th May 2011. It was Kateřina Šedá a contemporary artist based in the Czech Republic who thanks to the Contemporary Art Society Annual Award was able to show Lišeň Profile, Šedá also showed work in Art Sheffield 2010. There are many reasons why I have chosen to write about this show however the main one is that the work takes the form  of drawing. Which I happen to have a very personal relationship to as I use the processes found within drawing to create my own artwork. These five hundred drawings and the way they where exhibited within the gallery really left a lasting impression on me one that could be acquainted with the experience, of witnessing a beautiful landscape. The exhibition really imposed the works character and content on your senses, you had to walk around this mass of paper drawings and this motion allowed for serious observation. The more time I spent with the drawings the more I began to see them as both individual and collective landscapes, at times taking the form of the outline of a face whilst at the same time a physical panorama. To view the collective aspect one was required to take a step back and absorb the work as a whole and this then allowed for an extraordinary representation. To quote the catalogue ‘Every community or village is its own organism, a mysterious individual which is constantly changing.’ these words articulated what Šedá had achieved. I believe this creation can be viewed from the perspective of Social Sculpture in the same vain as Joseph Beuys 7000 Oak Trees, planted between 1982 and 1987 for Documenta 7. The relationship these two works have is their transformative element the way in which the art transforms its environment. Perhaps a person could argue that this commission did not change provoke such change although my experience was one of learning about the artist’s home town of Lišeň. Furthermore I did not just learn one could sense that through the examination of the marks the lines what it could be like to inhabit this town. An artwork that stirs the imagination and is so well executed and installed is a fine edition to the public gallery collections and one that Sheffield  can enjoy for a considerable amount of time .


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