Narration, Say what ?

What is neo-narration ? And who is involved in using it within their art practices? Well to begin with Nathaniel Mellor an artist who I recently saw at the ICA in London is a decent example of an artist who is heavily involved in what one would call Neo-narration. This new type of story telling is used to describe an art practice, or artwork which has a sole purpose to tell a story. To the point where the Art can be found in just the narration or the story created by the artist, what is interesting about this is that it delves into literature and words to construct new visual authorship and language. I find this very interesting as it relates to my thoughts on ownership and how one can go beyond just aesthetic concerns when making art. For instance if you focus to much on what it looks like you are likely to be blinded to what you are making and a possible answer to why you made it. So this heavy focus on constructing stories, the artist as a story teller I find fascinating, Mellor’s work including Ourhouse and Hippy Dialects which uses animatronics in a completely different humorous way. Is incredibly funny to the point when you enjoy watching it not just because of its quality but for the underlying humor and laughter it evokes within you.


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