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“Zapata’s blood
Wasn’t spilt in vein
So now the most poor the most poor
the most poor the most poor
will wage war, wage war, wage war
To reclaim their name
Some guys got blurred
So now the most poor the most poor
the most poor the most poor
will wage war, wage war, wage war
To reclaim our terrain

On January 1st, 1994
The indigenous farmers of Southern Mexico
Declared war on an unjust
and illigitimate government

Of the debt of the most wild, the most poor
Came a just arm struggle
for democracy, justice, and liberty
And it won’t stop until that 65 year old dictatorship,
the Partido Revolucionario Institucional
(Institutional Revolutionary Party) is buired in the ground
and the people’s voice is heard once again

So check it out:
On January 1st, they became known as
the Zapatista movement
And they have a saying, and I want you all to
sing along with me real quick.
It goes something like this
It goes, everything for everyone…
and nothing for ourselves.
Everything for everyone, and nothing for ourselves.
Everything for everyone, and nothing for ourselves.
Everything for everyone, and nothing for ourselves.
Yeah, sing that shit…
Everything for everyone, and nothing for ourselves.
Everything for everyone, and nothing for ourselves.
Everything for everyone, and nothing for ourselves.
Everything for everyone, and nothing for ourselves…”

– Rage Against The Machine / Great Band



A bank is something we all use to store our salary, our money, our earnings It serves as a life line in its absolute involvement in modern life. One should ponder this simple notion, we humans can contemplate and imagine the end of the world however when faced with the end of money. Our general reaction is never, it will never happen, or even worse it never could happen as we have become so intertwined with this value and exchange signifier. This entanglement affects the entire globe as generally our dependancy on money has reached a point where people are quick to accept that those in power are deserving of material wealth. That we are happy to believe that these people deserve large bonuses on top of existing salaries, I find hard to stomach. I hope that within my lifetime our relationship to material existence i.e our collective urge to have control or power over something or someone, even enforcing our dominance on natural life. Is understood and a degree of awareness is brought about, through learning about reality, what is real in our life’s. Rather than the world we have constructed and chosen to inhabit perhaps artists carry a degree of responsibility to show people these alternative perspectives, and to remind oneself that imagination and creativity can unlock those unseen experiences.

Its truly awe inspiring when you have one of those moments when you take a step back and are reminded just how much has been achieved by humanity. The louvre in Paris houses some of the greatest objects ever created by human hand, you look at some of these paintings and they are bubbles of information whole worlds are contained on their cracked surfaces. The works of Da Vinci, Raphael, Carravaggio, David, and Delacroix are all marvels as they support a representation of a moment in history. Its almost like revisiting the past you can look at the faces, the expressions and envisage a world far removed from a modern existence. Another thing i saw recently at the Musee De pinacothèque is an exhibition of watercolour’s by an artist called Hugo Pratt, who is responsible for one of the most famous comics or hero ever created. Corto Maltese is one hell of a hero based upon sound facts found in the real world no superpowers, more magic. One could say that the fluidity and expressiveness of his paintings where bewitching and inspirational and is something I plan to return to when I get back to England.

Another thing that I found stupendously uplifting is the story of Takeshi Kanno a Japanese doctor. On March 11 2011 the 33 year old doctor was on duty at the Shizugawa public hospital in the japanese town of Minami Sanriku when he heard the the tsunami alert. He moved dozens of patients to the highest floor saving their lives and refused to leave until the last of those under his care where evacuated. It had been three days since the earthquake and he finally made it back to his wife, just before she gave birth. The second child was named Rei which evokes two meanings, the first in English means ‘a beam of light’. Secondly in Chinese and Japanese ‘the wisdom to overcome hardship’ (taken from the Time article by Krista Mahr, May 2 2011).  I cant think of a story that epitomizes kindness, strength, and altruism in such a powerful way we should all be grateful to people who lead by example. Another message supporting kindness and compassion over desire and greed is that of the new film Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Starring Andy Serkis as CGI chimp Caesar who becomes super intelligent and brakes free from the shackles imposed upon him from humankind worth a watch.

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. – Buddha. “

What is neo-narration ? And who is involved in using it within their art practices? Well to begin with Nathaniel Mellor an artist who I recently saw at the ICA in London is a decent example of an artist who is heavily involved in what one would call Neo-narration. This new type of story telling is used to describe an art practice, or artwork which has a sole purpose to tell a story. To the point where the Art can be found in just the narration or the story created by the artist, what is interesting about this is that it delves into literature and words to construct new visual authorship and language. I find this very interesting as it relates to my thoughts on ownership and how one can go beyond just aesthetic concerns when making art. For instance if you focus to much on what it looks like you are likely to be blinded to what you are making and a possible answer to why you made it. So this heavy focus on constructing stories, the artist as a story teller I find fascinating, Mellor’s work including Ourhouse and Hippy Dialects which uses animatronics in a completely different humorous way. Is incredibly funny to the point when you enjoy watching it not just because of its quality but for the underlying humor and laughter it evokes within you.

With sunset Dub by Quarta 330 digitizing my eardrum i want to draw some chimpanzee’s in the Arctic, and a stubby. I love little stubby beers guaranteed value for money, easy to recycle they deserve a portrait, I feel very light headed, literally just cut my dreadlocks off. It feels good having the first haircut in five years I was struggling with the heat I had to do it, I love dreadlocks however the time was right and I fancy a change. Speaking of change what the hell is David Cameron doing attempting to appoint an American super cop as head commissioner of the Metropolitan police. I can accept advisory role but seriously I am happy that the job will go to someone born in the UK. As the problems we face in England with rioting go way way deeper than just gang and poverty related. We need someone who is going to look and observe how best to regain inner city community support for the police. I am all to weary that Cameron and his cronies will use the recent turmoil in the media and the rioting as excuses to gain more control over the public and population. Its scary because governments are becoming way more militarized and I can see bad things happening to good people becoming caught in the cross fire of harsh leadership, and a inherent lack of a stable future. For a young generation who are becoming, and are young adults what happens if we allow the only thing worth fighting for, the National Health Service and the ideal of the welfare state. To be changed in to a ghostly, privatized, nightmare of its self? It is a scary possibility for an increasing population one that i hope does not become all to real upon the 7th September.

I wish that art did not include critical thinking for critical thinking sake. Questions such as is it more important to think critically all the time about every different decision you make or could it be more important to feel or imagine something. I am not arguing that criticality is not important in art practice as it is, moreover I am saying that i feel that imagination and feeling needs to be raised and valued in the same way. Because as I look back over my degree I feel like i made the best piece of work in my foundation year. Furthermore looking at it you can see the wonder at animation the experimental play with material things that i should have continued with on the course. I do feel optimistic as after revisiting i have a desire to make work that really makes you ponder what I am asking, What is it communicating.

‘Imagination is the eye of the soul.’

Joseph Joubert