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I cant imagine anyone else who represents personal belief in quite the same way this Jewish superstar does. Matisyahu has such a distinct style that i think he is one of the main reasons behind why i would like to produce books and just give something back to the world. This guy’s words are so entwined with his deep faith i personally find it hard not to be moved or silenced by such intrinsic free expression. It makes you happy that people like this are out there doing what comes natural to them.

So been reading this article by a guy called Yash Tandon and his opinion on international aid and its effectiveness.In a sweeping criticism of bilateral aid, and its usage by politicians to further their own ‘defensive imperialism’ type agendas, he claims that:

‘Aid, from this perspective, becomes another weapon in their arsenal to discipline chaotic parts of the world.’

Bit cynical, Yash?

Whilst I would agree that there are going to be political and nationalistic interests that are put on the table, and that aid isn’t all about saving the children and making the world a better place, I found his attitude to be a bit wearisome overall, if I’m going to be honest. Not all aid is imperialistic dogma, and the assertion that ‘the aid effectiveness project is a form of collective colonialism by Northern donors of those Southern countries that, through weakness, vulnerability or psychological dependency, allow themselves to be subjected to it at the Accra conference in September’ is frankly just a little bit patronising to the Global South, and smells of a conspiracy theory on the part of the North.

Link to Yash’s article:

In other news: new Radiohead album is out. Has been quite the buzz of the town. Check this space soon for our own little review of it.

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‘And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.’ – William Shakespeare .

It seems like a huge progression the creation of the internet has created a new sensation of communication one that is global. Furthermore it has allowed for people to voice their own opinions and share their experiences of life. It is perhaps the biggest platform for change since the industrial revolution and in its entirety, is a stage for people to openly challenge existing hegemonic and cultural values. Perhaps the internet if kept free from commercialisation can support an expanding notion of multiculturalism and human evolution. It can support the growth of new ideas and perspectives and participate in the solidarity needed to promote social stability. In these hard times one thing is for sure, communication needs to increase and confidence in our collective existence should keep expanding.